The Asian Financial Society alpha Award (AαA) brings together innovators and investors from around the world focusing on the Fintech revolution.  At present time, the United States and China hold the lead in Fintech disruption. The goal of AaA is to cultivate corporate adoption of Fintech innovation and to recognize disruptive Fintech startups in global Fintech marketplace.


The annual title of AaA is determined by a competition judged by renowned experts and investors in the Fintech industry. Every year AaA receives applications from all around the world to enter to compete for the AaA Fintech company of the year. The AaA contestants have the chance to present their businesses to active VCs and to the AFS’ community of 15,000 Wall Street professionals.



The competition for the title of “AaA 2018” will be hosted on January 12th, 2019. It is a full day event with two sessions: the morning session Fintech in Institutions — Innovation in Value Transaction includes 5 institutional contestants; the afternoon session features 5 startups.


Participant Benefits 

  1. Recognition by a consortium of Wall Street organizations who are members of the AaA community and by the global Fintech market place.
  2. Publicity and marketing through the AaA committee organizations’ marketing channels and platforms to directly reach customers.
  3. Funding opportunity of $200,000 – $1 million from direct pitches to AaA judges and participating investors as well as AFS’ 15,000 Wall Street Professionals.


The Winner Will Receive 

  1. “AaA 2018” Title and AaA Statuette.
  2. Pivotal opportunity to secure funding.
  3. Speaking opportunity at the AFS Annual Awards Gala as well as in Fintech conferences where AaA is a partner.



Application Requirements

Any large corporation with revenue over $100M which has Fintech products and services that align with the AaA 2018 theme (Fintech in Institutions — Innovation in Value Transaction) is welcome to apply for the morning session.

Any company with its primary business in the Fintech industry and which has revenue under $100M is welcome to apply for the afternoon session.



Applications open on June 15th, 2018. Private meet-and-greet conferences will be scheduled every two weeks with applicants throughout the application period until September 15th 2018 when application closes. Five (5) institutions will be selected to enter the morning session competition; five (5) startups will be selected to participate the afternoon competition.  The selected finalists will be announced on October 15th, 2018. The competition will be held on January 12th, 2019 in New York, in front of a panel of judges. The winners will be announced at the end of each session.