Following the great success of the AFS Career Enrichment Summer Program, AFS has launched an ongoing AFS Career and Mentoring Service program, as we continue our efforts to serve and bring value to the AFS community. This new service program includes:

– Resume writing and polishing
– Mock interview training
– Recommendations and connections to AFS members through AFS’ networks to Wall St. firms and employing managers for career opportunities

To qualify for this new service, AFS members need to meet following pre-conditions:

1. Asian Decent

2. GPA greater than 3.5

3. AFS premium member

4. Reference letter from two current AFS Board Directors (a full list can be found under AFS Board Members)

5. Majors in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Mathematics or other related majors

6. Demonstrated excellence in leadership and quality, specifically: self-motivated, great interpersonal communication skills, teamwork and project management experience

7. Proven technical and quantitative skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office

To enroll, please send your resume and AFS Board Director reference letters to