The Asian Financial Society alpha Award (AαA) brings together innovators and investors from the US and Asia focusing on the Fintech revolution.  At present time, the United States and China have the lead in Fintech development. The goal of AaA is to identify exceptional and investable Fintech companies and Fintech entrepreneurs.


The committee of AaA elects one company every year that has been the pioneer in a particular sector of Fintech for “AaA Pinnacle” award. “AaA 2017 Pinnacle” award goes to PayPal for being the trailblazer in payment and commerce business.


Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture has always been the seed for birth of any great companies. AaA is on the mission to identify fearless entrepreneurs who make big bangs to move the world and humanity forward, and we call such entrepreneurs “Pretty Much the Most Amazing Entrepreneur (PrMMAE)”. We gave “AaA 2017 PrMMAE” to Harper Reed for his relentless fighting for the merit and advances of technologies for the world to be better and fairer.


The annual title of AaA of the year is determined by a competition judged by renowned experts and investors in the Fintech investment and corporate management. Every year AaA receives applications from all around the world to enter to compete for the AaA Fintech company of the year. The AaA contestants have the chance to present their businesses to active VCs and to the AFS’ community of 15,000 Wall Street professionals. The competition for the title of “AaA 2017” is hosted on January 18th, 2018.




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